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Jayde Musica Presents Jon's Picks
These are products that I think will help improve your musical development. Enjoy!

SongPond - Where you learn your favorite songs!

This site has to be one of my favorites. They teach you how to play popular songs in easy to follow video lessons. The best part is the site offers a 10 day free trial that comes with a free song lesson of your choice!

Choose from a great range of artists.


Jamorama - The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit

Discover how to master impressive skills, such as hammer ons, pull offs, picking with a pick, finger picking, percussive strum, deadening, staccato strum, palm muting, bending, sliding and more! Jamorama even includes Musical Games to make learning these skills easier.

Rocket Piano - Learn To Play The Piano

Learn to play the piano from beginner through Intermediate to Advanced. Rocket Piano is easy to use and fun. You will learn all the theory and practical knowledge required to play songs and read music confidently. Visit the website and try the free Mini course to see for yourself.


This excellent ear-training software, designed by Jamorama, helps you to train your ear to be able to distinguish between various guitar chord. This is an essential skill for any serious guitarist.

Click here for more info.