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High Scores:

High Scores are achieved by getting scores that rank with the top ten players of the game. When you beat any of the preset top ten high scores, your name will be entered at the appropriate position. During the game you can check the current high scores by clicking on the high scores button at the top of the screen. Close the window by either clicking the OK button or clicking on the CLOSE WINDOW button.

Practice hard and you may get to the top!

Options Menu:

Use the difficulty setting to toggle between easy, medium and hard. As the difficulty level increases so does the speed, number of staves and notes.

Octave Range per clef:
Use your mouse to toggle between the two settings
In Normal mode: The notes sit on the stave only.

In Extended mode: The notes can sit both on the stave and above and below the stave on ledger lines.

Clefs to include:

There are four different clefs to choose from in Jayde Musica. The most commonly used clefs are the treble and bass clefs, which make up the grand stave. The Tenor and Alto clefs are well used in brass and string sections in orchestras. These are handy to learn and are excellent to master along with the grand stave. Both piano and guitar use the bass and treble clefs. Each clef has specific notes. You can either mix up the types of clefs you will get coming at you or choose to focus on just one by checking the tick boxes in the options menu.

The Treble:

The Bass:

The Alto:

The Tenor:

Once you have decided on your settings for the game press the START GAME button. The CLOSE WINDOW button will take you back to the previous screen you were in.

This is a screen cap of the game set on medium difficulty in normal octave range per clef mode, with both the treble and bass clefs in action.

The notes appear from the right of the screen and move across the screen to the left.

As you can see, the first clef that needs to be attacked is the treble clef (far left). It has a note just above the top line, which is a E note. To attack this note you can do any of the following:

  • Press the letter E on the keyboard,
  • Press the number 5 which is the number linked to that note
  • Use your mouse to press the note E5 on the keypad diagram.

If you fail to attack the note before it reaches the left hand side.

Click OK and work out those notes faster. Good luck, You have 3 lives and a high score to beat. The more you play the game, the less you will have think about the notes.